Highlights - ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER: Athlete, Actor, American, Activist - Conversation with Editor DIAN HANSON
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"The really important thing that he did here had to do with climate change. He told me that he had always been interested in the environment. He grew up being very cautious about everything. You don't waste water, you don't waste power, all these things as a poor child. But he said he didn't really understand what pollution was doing until he became governor. And he got all the memos, he got all the information that is fed to politicians, that is fed to every politician. That everyone in office knows about, and many choose to ignore, but for him, it really opened his eyes. And he said, 'We can't let this go on.' So he initiated a greenhouse gas cap in California, and people fought against it. Are you kidding? It has continued to this day. People have gotten behind him for it, that we will reduce emissions, and we will have cleaner air in California, and we will have cleaner water, and we will have cleaner beaches. He blocked offshore drilling and he said, because when he first came here, there had been an oil spill, and he went on the beach, and he got tar on his feet. No one should have to have tar on their feet when they go to the beach. And that was his real contribution that has now led to his activism for climate change and ending pollution all over the world."
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