South Asia on the brink: A look at climate change to help address the region's compound fragilities
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South Asia is one of the most climate-vulnerable regions in the world. Parts of the region are characterised by a high level of political instability and socio-economic backwardness. This convergence implies that climate change not only undermines human security, but could also heighten conflict risks. On the one hand, the region lacks the resources and capacities to cope with worsening first and second order impacts of climate change; on the other, climate change is increasingly interacting with socio-economic, demographic and political factors to compound fragility risks in the region. Together with Dhanasree Jayaram, author of the Climate Fragility Risk Brief on South Asia and Assistant Professor at the Centre for Climate Studies of Manipal Academy of Higher Education in India, we discuss climate fragility pathways for the region and possible solutions to address them. This episode also highlights, why and how climate change can be a peace-keeping tool and why conflicts in the region can´t be resolved by one country alone. You can download the Climate Fragility Risk Brief on South Asia here: 
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