With ChatGPT being used across different corners of the internet, its not surprising to hear that it is also shaking up the college admissions landscape. Whether its new essay prompts, no essay prompts, or a switch from written prompts, college admissions teams across the country are exploring new ways to get to know applicants authentically. Join Mark and Anna as they speak to Mark Cruver of Capstone Educational Consultants as they discuss the implications of AI in college admissions.
Published 08/18/23
What's the hardest part about the college application process? Most fun? Join Mark and Anna as we learn about the college application process through the eyes of a graduating high school teen - Kamila from College Reality Check. From essays to list building, Kamila breaks down what its really like to apply to college as a current teen in high school.
Published 05/09/23
With total cost of attendance edging towards $90,000 a year for private universities, Mark and Anna are excited to have financial aid expert and independent educational consultant, Claire Law from Educational Avenues talk about how families can prepare for the financial aid process. From discussing 529s to the difference in financial aid applications, learn how you can have the right conversations with your family around affording college.
Published 04/06/23
You've been accepted to college. Now what? Join Mark and Anna as they discuss next steps after you've gotten into college. From not getting grades below a B on your report card to playing pranks, we'll cover tips for how to manage the transition to college.
Published 03/20/23
Ever wonder what college admissions officers really want from applicants and how students can better prepare for college applications? We went straight to the source - Rick Clark - Assistant Vice Provost and Executive Director of Undergraduate Admission at Georgia Tech. Join Mark and Anna as they answer some of your most common questions about applying for college and what Rick would change about the college admissions process in our newest episode.
Published 01/27/23
Selecting a major…or not? Okay, let’s just get it out there…NO…you do not have to select a major and know exactly what you will do for the rest of your life. However, there may be situations in which having an idea of what to major in and preparing for it will be beneficial in high school. Join Mark and Anna as they discuss the pros and cons of having a major in mind when you apply for college and how to explore potential majors.
Published 01/12/23
With an endless "To Do" list, and the pressure to keep up with their peers, its no surprise that an increasing amount of today's teens face anxiety and depression. Join Mark and Anna as they talk with Dr. Sarah Pospos of Lifestyle Telepsychiatry to talk about "comparaitis", Imposter Syndrome, testing anxiety and more importantly, how we as parents and educators can better support our teens and help them thrive.
Published 11/08/22
As tuitions rise faster than inflation, more and more students and their families may wonder what value college offers and which colleges offer the most opportunities to help set them up for success. Join Mark and Anna as they speak with Ann Marano, Executive Director for the Colleges That Change Lives organization, to discuss the value of liberal arts education and what truly sets colleges in that organization a part from the hundreds of other colleges and universities in the country.
Published 09/12/22
No idea what to do this summer? Join Mark and Anna as they speak with Fredrik van Huynh from Absolute Internship about finding your passion and lining up an internship that helps you explore it. From how to find internships and how to make a good impression to the value of living and working abroad for an international internship, Fredrik has you covered. Learn more about these valuable opportunities at www.absoluteinternship.com
Published 05/06/22
We are entering our third year of COVID related social adjustments that have included education, social gatherings, family dynamics, job loss/gain, finances, Netflix addiction, and unknown health risks, just to name a few. Understandably, it is an especially difficult time for teens as they try to navigate a transitional period in their lives during a pandemic. Join Mark and Anna as they speak with Danit Erlich of Always Forward Coaching and Consulting, LLC as they talk about how parents and...
Published 03/14/22
While a student’s weighted GPA and SAT score are important, and thoughtful recommendations are significant, as are clear, concise, and cogent essays—school representatives often comment that a common attribute of the strongest and most successful applications is…consistency. Does the entire application sound like the same person? Are strong attributes and characteristics consistently highlighted, and do examples from essays, recommendations, and even extracurricular activities correlate with...
Published 01/06/22
Letters of recommendation are one of the holistic components of the college application, but probably a component that is talked about the least, despite the weight they hold. Most college admissions officers would say that letters of recommendation do not help or hurt an application. However, strong letters of recommendation can really strengthen a college application. Join Mark and Anna as they discuss why letters of recommendation and how to prepare in obtaining a strong one. They will...
Published 11/08/21
What's it like to be a teen actually going through the college admissions preparation process? Between classes, activities, college lists, and essays, our teens have A LOT on their plates. Join Mark and Anna as they speak with Kamila from the "Who Cares about College" Podcast as they talk about how they're preparing for college during a pandemic. Kamila also shares insights from her experiences interviewing students who have applied and are in college now. From testing to financial aid, join...
Published 09/16/21
Ever feel like the college admissions process has gotten overwhelming and overall insane? Join Mark and Anna as they speak with Kevin Martin, former admissions officer at the University of Texas-Austin, and author of "Surviving the College Admissions Madness" as they talk about how families can better approach the admissions process to reduce stress as well as recommended improvements they would like to see in the college admissions process.
Published 08/30/21
While many elite universities do not offer merit scholarships, honors colleges and programs at many public universities offer great options for high-achieving students. In addition to providing merit-based awards, they can offer specialized curriculums and unique opportunities to help students thrive in a larger school environment. Join Mark and Anna as they speak with Craig T. Cobane, Ph.D. from Western Kentucky University's Mahurin Honors College as they discuss the difference between...
Published 07/30/21
It's that time of year again - writing the college admissions essay! This year, Mark and Anna are excited to share approaches to college essay writing from published author and college admissions essay coach, Molly Moynahan. Molly shares the key elements to storytelling, tips for overcoming writer's block, and more. Molly Moynahan is an expert in adolescent literacy, a novelist and a writing coach, specializing in supporting students through the writing of the personal essay for college...
Published 06/08/21
Class of 2021 faced record-low acceptance rates at many elite universities, but the truth is, there are hundreds of amazing colleges out there that will support students in their success. Join Mark and Anna as they discuss the numerous options available with special guest Lisa Fuller from College Primed as they take a deeper look at women's colleges and HBCUs and how they enable success for their students.
Published 05/30/21
Without the ability to visit campuses, applying for college and selecting where you want to spend the next four years can be more difficult than years past. Students have had to sometimes pick colleges "blindly" which has resulted in the desire for some students to transfer to new colleges. Join Mark and Anna as they speak with Deborah Shames of Personal Best College Coaching to learn more about why students transfer, how to prepare, and more details in this newest episode.
Published 04/06/21
So you think you want to go to college in Europe? Fantastic! Have you thought about the differences in the application process, the travel involved, passports, different languages, and different deadlines? There are many great reasons to study abroad, but there are also many things students and their families should know and consider before making that leap. Today we are going to talk to Sandy Furth from World Student Support, who has successfully helped many students and families through...
Published 02/25/21
With return on investment at a forefront in the college admissions process, its no wonder that majors related to STEM have become increasingly popoular over the years...especially during a pandemic. Mark and Anna dive into what colleges are looking for when it comes to classes, activities, recommendations and more in this fun episode with our resident expert, Mark Hofer. Join Mark and Anna as they tackle the myths related to STEM in college admissions.
Published 12/10/20
Join Mark and Anna as they talk about the importance of acknowledging, expressing, and utilizing emotions with Dr. Marc Brackett, the author of Permission to Feel, and the Founder and Director of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence and a Professor in the Child Study Center of Yale University.
Published 10/05/20
Do you have a talented musician who wants to pursue their passion for it in college? Have questions on how to best prepare for the music college admissions process? Join Mark and Anna as they speak to Dave Best, Founder of Best College Consulting where they orchestrate the college search for talented students.
Published 09/19/20
College essays have always been an important part of the college application process; however, this year—the year that COVID arrived and stayed for a while—provides a perfect storm for buoying up the importance of the college essays. Join Mark and Anna as they discuss tips on what to cover in your essays this admission season, if and when you should utilize the Covid essay prompt and more!
Published 07/31/20
College consultants often get asked “How early do you start working with students in the college application process?” This question almost always comes from parents. Sometimes they are just curious, but increasingly, they are serious. Can, should, their 8th grader start preparing for college applications? Join Mark and Anna as they tackle when a good time to start preparing for college, why starting too early can be bad, but also what pieces you can start focusing on so you aren't in the...
Published 07/01/20