To Major or Not
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Selecting a major…or not? Okay, let’s just get it out there…NO…you do not have to select a major and know exactly what you will do for the rest of your life. However, there may be situations in which having an idea of what to major in and preparing for it will be beneficial in high school. Join Mark and Anna as they discuss the pros and cons of having a major in mind when you apply for college and how to explore potential majors.
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What's the hardest part about the college application process? Most fun? Join Mark and Anna as we learn about the college application process through the eyes of a graduating high school teen - Kamila from College Reality Check. From essays to list building, Kamila breaks down what its really...
Published 05/09/23
With total cost of attendance edging towards $90,000 a year for private universities, Mark and Anna are excited to have financial aid expert and independent educational consultant, Claire Law from Educational Avenues talk about how families can prepare for the financial aid process. From...
Published 04/06/23