Ep. 309 "Rip The Band Aid Off"
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This week we discuss ripping the band aid off and not sparing feelings, among a lot of other things. Follow Us! @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean Live Show Tix: Chicago Ticket Link 10/16 https://citywinery.com/chicago/Online/article/CHI-cocktales-10-16-7pm Boston 11/4 https://citywinery.com/boston/Online/default.asp?BOparam::WScontent::loadArticle::permalink=BOS-Cocktales-11-4-22-8pm&BOparam::WScontent::loadArticle::context_id= Huntsville, AL Ticket Link 11/10 https://huntsville.standuplive.com/shows/186796 Houston, TX- 12/10 https://www.tixr.com/groups/warehouselive/events/cocktales-dirty-discussions-51780 Get Your Merch! Also preorder available for I'm Curious to Know www.imcurioustoknow.com Klassy Baste www.klassybaste.com Advertising: [email protected] Advice: [email protected] Submit Cocktales: [email protected] Diane: [email protected] Weird Sex: [email protected]
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This week we're joined by Karlous Miller of 85 South and we're talking about why men fix their cars after a breakup, who needs their kitty repossessed, and what to do when you find yourself in a fishy situation. For all promo codes and links for promotions in the episode, follow this...
Published 11/24/22
Published 11/24/22
Have you ever given a presentation of all your past relationships with your current significant other? For all promo codes and links for promotions in the episode, follow this link: https://linktr.ee/cocktalesads Follow Us! @cocktalespodcast @kikisaidso @coffeebeandean Download Amorus today...
Published 11/17/22