EP 53| Riding the emotional waves of mental health, growth and creativity with Austin Sutor
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Welcome to Coffuelled Podcast! This is the first ever episode that I record in english. I met Austin at the top of a mountain skiing in Park City and I was surprised about how much our philosophies of life intersect. I invited him on here because I find it so valuable for more men to share from a place of powerful vulnerability and he does just that. He shares with us the thinking behind his project Wavy Dreamer, a page where he writes for the reader to find himself in the writing. I find him to be a great example of embracing your emotions and setting aside social pressures to be loyal to yourself. In this episode he provides a lot of value for both men and women about opening up to therapy, healing, and how relationships and our choices in friendships teach us a lot about what needs to be looked at in ourselves. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did and share it with a man in your life that will benefit from hearing it too.  You can find him on instagram @austinsutor and @wavydreamr where he writes and further develops his community-based clothing brand.  You can find me on instagram at @marguga Thank you for listening, growing with me and sharing Coffuelled podcast!
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