Who Is The Best College QB In The 21st Century?
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On today's episode we discuss: -A wild list of the 60 best QBs in the 21st century. -Program changing players...who changed their program the most? -Kayce debuts her 1st 2-minute drill of the offseason! -Brandon gives us the team he will be supporting alllll the way to the playoffs. Last year it was Notre Dame, who is it this year? -Brandon almost makes Kayce cry during a very romantic story!
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On episode 147: -We preview week 3 -Who should USC hire next? Who WILL they hire next? -Is Luke Fickell just a midwest guy or? -Can Florida beat Alabama? -Some under the radar games to keep your eye on -Cincinnati has a chance to prove themselves this weekend -Roughneck TWEETS -Is Auburn any...
Published 09/15/21
Brandon, Kayce, and Katie went to Ann Arbor Brandon wants credit for ? Brandon left his phone in Michigan…. Stop disrespecting Oregon Ohio State done or can they pull off a CFP? Frauds are getting exposed…. Texas...boy, oh boy! Iowa State...we feel bad for you. We react live to Jacksonville...
Published 09/12/21
On week 2 preview: We are going to Michigan CFB is BACK We owe Jack Coan an apology! Is Week 2’s slate good? Brian Kelly’s execution? Will Spencer Rattler get to elite level? Who is the best QB in the country? 3 thrown away results Early Season Rivalries Should Ohio State be afraid of...
Published 09/08/21