Why The CFP Moving To 12 Teams Is Magnificent
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On episode 130: -We still miss Kayce, but she is on the High Noon tour, so it was just Brandon joined by Jack & Katie -Brandon is PRO Arkansas in this podcast. That's right. PRO Arkansas. -Katie introduces a new game called....First Thought -The College Football Playoff may be moving to 12 teams. Brandon explains to us why that is perfect for everyone. -Nick Saban is never going to retire. -Brandon teases where the CFB Show is going this fall..... -Arch Manning is here and the hype is...too much? -Poor Darren Rovell wants an apology from Texas A&M's chancellor because Johnny Manziel signed some autographs. -David Shaw hates what time FOX is making Stanford kickoff the season....when is the perfect kickoff anyways? -Which coaches are on the hot seat. -OLU, RBU.... 00:00-5:15: Intro 5:15-29:59: 12-team playoff? 29:59-46:50: News (Arch Manning, Johnny Football) 46:50-58:00: Arkansas to the Big 12? 58:00-2:02:56: Introducing....First Thought
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