Is There Anything Not To Love About The 12-Team Playoff?
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On episode 131 of Unnecessary Roughness: -Kayce returns from the High Noon tour. -We dive into the 12-team playoff once again. -Does Kayce love or hate the idea of 12 teams? -Brandon reminds college football fans the number one thing they need to STOP doing. -Notre Dame fans loved Brandon but now hate him? -Arkansas fans hate Brandon again. -We return the best offseason segment in America: Brandon Walker reads Kayce Smith's DMs. -First Thought is back. -There was another top 50 list...this time it was the top 50 WRs of all time. There was one major problem with it. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 0:00 Intro 10:40 CFP moves to 12 teams 31:05 What CFB fans need to STOP doing (Brandon vs. Notre Dame) 40:02 News + Notes 52:06 Top 50 WRs of all time list 1:00:14 First Thought 1:15:16 Brandon reads Kayce's DMs
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