On episode 124 of Unnecessary Roughness: -Kayce returns! -She has some ISSUES with Brandon's best helmets and programs list -What even makes a top program? -The NFL Draft is this week.... -Which top QB prospect isn't doing it for Brandon and Kayce..... -Who will be the top WR from this year's class? -Which position group is the deepest this year? -Three new lists from Brandon -Kansas doesn't have a coach? -An update on the food tour...is that ever gonna happen? -Brandon is working out...not...
Published 04/28/21
On episode 123 of Unnecessary Roughness! -Welcome to LIST week. -The best transfer QBs for the 2021 season -The worst fanbases on Twitter -Funniest scandals -Favorite coach firings -Best CFB tweets ever -The worst type of losses to experience as a fan -Cutest dogs in college football. -The Super Okay League created by Brandon Walker -Best non-conference games to look forward to for the 2021 season.
Published 04/22/21
On episode 122 of Unnecessary Roughness: -Brandon returns. He tells us how he is feeling. Does he have any taste or smell? What does he miss most. He also grew a beard? -A discussion on Twitter about High Noon somehow turned into a debate about A&M and NDSU? -Brandon comes for the Fargo Dome? -CFB fans are such whiny little bitches -Trey Lance as an NFL QB? -ESPN released their 2021 FPI and boy did we have some takes. -The Real Housewives Of Death Valley -Where is the real Death...
Published 04/15/21
On the 121st episode of Unnecessary Roughness, Brandon Walker was not able to join us. Thanks to being the offseason, we were able to have some fun with Kayce and dive into how she turned into the Barstool Sports Kayce Smith we know today. We go through everything at ESPN, TexAgs, NBC, and with Johnny Manziel.
Published 04/08/21
On today's episode: -Jack and Katie fight (again) -Pro Day talk (again) -Best stadiums in each conference -The most famous alum from each school -Katie pranks Brandon -The Roughnecks take control of the 2-minute drill. -Off the beat college towns we'd like to visit -Is Zach Wilson the real deal? -Should we care that Justin Fields threw a ball 70 yards? -Much, much more!
Published 03/31/21
On the 119th episode of Unnecessary Roughness: -10 of the biggest betrayals in college football history. -Do Pro Days even matter? -A certain southern tailgate food comes up that the Yankees in the room have never heard of. -Jack & Katie get into a fight. -Katie takes over the 2-minute drill and puts on a great performance. -Dramatic readings of Roughnecks first tailgate back this fall. -Is college football better than college basketball? Does it even matter? -Bo Nix compared himself to...
Published 03/24/21
On today's episode: -The worst college fotball list ever made? Brandon was furious. -Kayce reveals her and Katie's DMs to Brandon. -Nebraska is running scared from Oklahoma? -Answer questions from the Roughnecks. -Katie joins the pod late, we discuss her birthday. -Exciting college football players throughout the years. Twitter: https://twitter.com/unnecroughness Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/unnecroughness/ Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/407376743767987 YouTube:...
Published 03/17/21
On the 117th episode of Unnecessary Roughness: -High Noon…. if you are reading this: we need more! -Brandon was down in Florida. He had a valet experience with a big-name football coach. -Brandon forgot about international women’s day? Jack Mac did NOT. Credit to him. -Katie offended Brandon with how she set up the news & notes this week. -Dak Prescott getting a new contract is a bigger moment for Brandon or Kayce? -We relive the time Kayce interviewed Dak in a game that Brandon (kind...
Published 03/10/21
On today's episode we discuss: -A wild list of the 60 best QBs in the 21st century. -Program changing players...who changed their program the most? -Kayce debuts her 1st 2-minute drill of the offseason! -Brandon gives us the team he will be supporting alllll the way to the playoffs. Last year it was Notre Dame, who is it this year? -Brandon almost makes Kayce cry during a very romantic story!
Published 03/03/21
On today's episode: -We recap the infamous fight between an Oklahoma WR, his friend, and 2 MMA-trained fighters. -Notre Dame doesn't want to be in NCAA Football? -Which players would've been 99 overall in NCAA Football during the years the game wasn't on the market. -Heisman winners that never were. The Roughnecks gave us their answers.
Published 02/24/21
On today's episode: -Brandon made it big on the WWE Network this weekend. He talks about his trip to Orlando. -UCF hired Gus Malzahn...was their hire better than Tennessee's? -Which job is more of a pressure cooker....UCF or Auburn? -Who had the best hire of the offseason? -We dive deep into the Facebook group. -Everybody forgot Jack's birthday....should they have even known? -Is Brandon an a*****e? -We make the case that an SEC school had the worst hire of the offseason.
Published 02/17/21
On today's episode: -Back to quarantine Zoom? Huh? -Katie went on a date! -We go through the highs and the lows of our fandom -A 1996 Mississippi State game in which Brandon brought a date to is brought up -Is Matt Campbell creating a dynasty at Iowa State? -All members of the podcast participated in the Super Bowl (by watching) -Brandon reads books? Huh? -The one Texas player that made Kayce cry. -Should a school make a puppy their mascot?
Published 02/10/21
On today's episode: -Big Tennessee joins the show! He brought his A-game. -Tennessee hired Josh Heupel, officially making them the UCF of the SEC -NCAA Football is back......Brandon has never been happier -Brandon (attempted) to run a mile before the podcast -Alabama put together the greatest recruiting class ever -Is Tennessee a better job than Auburn? What about a top 20 job in the country?
Published 02/04/21
On today's episode: -Tennessee hires UCF's Danny White -Danny White doubles down on UCF's "national championship" from 2017 -Random CFB players -Buffets....are they good? Healthy? -Which jersey of a rival player would you want to rock? -7 random questions from Brandon 0:00: Cold open 2:44: Intro + reviewing the DMs fiasco from last week. 10:31: News from around the country. 22:31: Tennessee! 34:17: 2-minute drill 1:06:59: 12 RANDOM college football players.
Published 01/27/21
On today's episode: -Two big announcements. -Welcome the Roughnecks to the offseason. -Go over our plan for the offseason. -Discuss Tennessee being a JOKE. -Urban Meyer to the Jags? -Apologize, OSU fans. -Go through Kayce and Katie's DMs -Roughnecks ask us random questions. -Does college football suck? -Ponder if the ratings drop in the national championship game matter. 0:00: Intro + Brandon got naked 7:08: Offseason overview 11:29: Tennessee 30:33: News from around the country 47:40:...
Published 01/21/21
On today's episode we recap Alabama's dominate performance against Ohio State. Debate who was better, 2019 LSU or 2020 Bama. Give credit to the GOAT Nick Saban. Read all the ROUGHNECKS instant reactions. Thanks for a great season! We'll be back next Thursday. From that point forward the rest of the offseason will be once a week until August 2021!
Published 01/12/21
On today's episode we: -Preview the national championship -Give our final score predictions -Predict the most annoying fan bases this offseason -Jim Harbaugh....extended? -Brandon is looking for his Rudolph.... -Read Roughnecks hot takes.
Published 01/11/21
On today's podcast we discuss: -The Heisman....congrats Devonta Smith. -Was Brandon the 1st media member to discuss Devonta Smith as a Heisman candidate? -Is Trevor Lawrence hot? -2021 Heisman...who should your bet be on? -Marshall fired their HC because of a governor? -Kayce recaps her now infamous drunk episode. -Our gut prediction for the National Championship. -UConn won the NATTY.
Published 01/07/21
On today's episode, we discuss: -Notre Dame falling in the CFP again -Ohio State and Justin Fields putting on the performance of a lifetime -Texas has a new coach? -Kayce was 100% sober -The Mississippi State - Tulsa fight heard around the world. -ACC or Big 12? -Watching Georgia's offense is like what? -Katie has a date on January 31st!
Published 01/03/21
On today's episode: -Debate if Notre Dame really has a shot against Alabama. -Are we underrating Ohio State? -Is Trevor Lawrence going to ride off into the sunset. -Big Cat comes up with the bet for Katie and Kayce over the Texas A&M - UNC game. -Offseason hype trains....get ready, they've already left the station. -Should Sam Ehlinger come back? -Jack insults a Roughneck doctor -Brandon and Kayce predicted that Florida was gonna beat Oklahoma...that did not happen.
Published 12/31/20
On today's episode: -Kayce is interrupted by Marty? -We review the BOWLS from the past few days. -How dumb was Liberty's RB? -We hand out our awards. There are like a million of them. They are all enjoyable. -Review our crazy year together, the ups and the downs. We'll be back with our CFP preview episode on Thursday!
Published 12/27/20
On today's episode: -We find out mid-recording about Auburn's new head coach. -Bowl season is upon us...what games are we looking forward to over the next week? -Answer Roughneck's questions for Brandon and Kayce. -Discuss Ohio State once again! -Does success of OU QBs in NFL change Brandon's thoughts on them? -Brandon's mom drops the line of the year. -We task the Roughnecks with coming up with some awards! -Go down memory lane and relive our most infamous moment from this fall thanks to...
Published 12/23/20
On today's episode: -Kayce reacts to A&M being left out -Brandon reveals his 4th best team -Are we getting sick of the same teams winning all the time? -Brandon on Notre Dame....will he stay in the Irish's corner -Ohio State....Justin Fields....are they good? -8-team playoff!!!! -Who should win the Heisman....and it's not Mac Jones. -Brandon's final beCAUSE list. -TIER TARGETING -React to bowl games. -Hot Takes from the Roughnecks
Published 12/20/20
On today's episode of Unnecessary Roughness: -Championship weekend. Who will emerge from all the P5 championship games? -Santa Clause on a fire truck?! -National Signing Day....how much does recruiting really matter? Brandon & Jack debate. -Kayce's confidence levels heading into the weekend. -The best names to sign today on NSD -Will Notre Dame be able to take down Clemson...again? -Florida's chances against Alabama. -The CFP committee released the worst rankings they've ever released.
Published 12/17/20
0:00: Intro 5:37: Florida - LSU 28:28: Heisman talk 35:01: Ohio State CFP chance? 48:05: Army - Navy 54:16: Sarah Fuller 1:00:45: Dan Wolken hates college football. 1:11:35: Revealing the AP Poll 1:22:41: Hot Takes 1:39:36: Shit list
Published 12/13/20