Bunk Bed
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Patrick Marber and Peter Curran escape from the hurly-burly of the day into their nearest faraway place - the Bunk Bed. Recorded in the dark and on beds, this is the perfect place for letting thoughts to drift without rhyme or reason. This time, after a top bunk malfunction, they are forced to snuggle up together in the same bed. Socks with 12 hours of wear on them, uncut toenails and grinding all bring conflict. Eventually, we hear the strange voice of science fiction pioneer HG Wells from a 1934 BBC broadcast that spookily sums up society today. This leads naturally to a discussion of national pride, Seamus Heaney, and the male orgasm. Occasional sleepover guests for this series will include star of The Simpsons and This Is Spinal Tap, Harry Shearer, actor Jane Horrocks, cook and presenter Andi Oliver, and director Sir Richard Eyre. Producer: Peter Curran A Foghorn production for BBC Radio 4
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