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Highlights from the first show include a series of sketches in which a goose has enrolled as a police officer, somehow getting through the very tight vetting procedures. There’s a character sceptical about time, and a doll-baby so realistic she’s more of a nightmare than a toy. The show is written and performed largely by people new to radio. Performed by; Gabby Best, Will Hartley, Chris Ryman, Rebecca Shorrocks, Witney White and Toby Williams The series of four is written by; Kat Butterfield and Dan Audritt, Sophie Dickson, Laura Major, Rob Darke, Alex Nash and Sam South, Ed Amsden and Tom Coles, Cody Dahler, Toby Williams, Ed Tew, Anna Goodman, Imogen Andrews, Matt Harrison, Carwyn Blayney, Natasha Dhanraj, Alice Etches and Nathalie Antonia, Chris Ryman, Simon Alcock, Leigh Douglas, Chazz Redhead, Paul F Taylor, Jo Wiggins, Cameron Loxdale, Lewis Cook, Owen Petty, Tom Oxenham, Rebecca Heitlinger and Bill Dare. Production Co-ordinators Beverly Tagg and Sarah Sharpe Sound Design Rich Evans Music composed by Bill Dare and produced by Iona C Vallance Artwork Lucy Jagger Produced and created by Bill Dare BBC Studios Production
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Published 06/27/22
The world is on fire and we're all going to die lol. Recorded in his hometown of Melbourne, Solastalgia is the first Radio 4 stand-up special from award-winning Millennial Australian comedian Tom Ballard. It’s his terrified, emotional and hilarious response to the climate crisis - what it means,...
Published 06/27/22
Three-time Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee and self-effacing national treasure Josie Long returns to the R4 airwaves to turn her sharp but affectionate eye on the state of the nation – and world, and planet – as we begin to emerge from two years of upheaval. ‘What’s Next?’ was a slogan stencilled...
Published 06/20/22