Stephen Bailey: One of Many
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Stephen Bailey is a lightweight boxer who lost a fight to Conor McGregor, he's an investor with £84 million in the bank, he's Axel Rose's stepfather and if you keep scrolling, he's also a comedian from Manchester. Stephen is seriously contemplating changing his name in 2022, as he believes being Stephen Bailey is hindering his success - after all, a name change is one of the oldest tricks in showbiz. If the name maketh the man, it's made a lot of Stephen Baileys and the rest of them are always doing something more newsworthy than our Stephen. This is a bespoke stand-up special about identity, where Stephen will work out whether you can change your whole life, just by changing your name. Written and performed by Stephen Bailey Production Coordinator: Katie Baum Produced by: Georgia Keating and Hayley Sterling A BBC Studios production for BBC Radio 4.
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