In this episode I share exactly how to use shadow work to uncover your hidden gifts. This episode will blow your mind! What you'll learn: What is shadow work? How is it related to the ego? The truth about what your shadow is hiding from you! The exact questions to ask yourself in order to uncover your hidden authentic gifts This is Part 1 of a 2-part shadow work series. Catch next week's episode to learn how to do shadow work with your business (or with starting your business)! Download a...
Published 11/26/22
Would you believe me if I told you that one simple question has the power to change your life? It's true! And in this episode I share exactly how you can use this question to dramatically shift your perspective and your reality. What you'll learn: A simple, effective question that will shift your perspective (and your life) How to practice this perspective shift in a healthy way How to avoid emotional bypassing when you shift your perspective Download a guide to my services here:...
Published 11/20/22
In this episode I vulnerably share the painful feelings my ego was recently hiding from me, and how you can learn from my experience to uncover your own hidden feelings.  What you'll learn: Sneaky ways your ego tries to protect you from your true feelings A simple trick to recognize when you're subconsciously avoiding the truth How to access the feelings your ego is avoiding An exercise to allow challenging feelings to move through you (so you can release them)! Why your challenging feelings...
Published 11/13/22
This is a very personal episode where I share my recent experience facing my biggest, deepest fear, and how I came out on the other side of the experience thriving! I also share the incredible spiritual experience I recently had that was a powerful reminder of our deep connection to the Universe. Join the waitlist for round 2 of the Courageous Transformation Academy "Dying to be Me" by Anita Moorjani Ways to work with me Connect with me on Instagram! Follow me on Youtube!
Published 10/12/22
A Domino Leap is a powerful concept that I've never heard anyone else discuss! Domino leaps have been instrumental in leading me to a beautiful, fulfilling life, and in this episode I explain: What is a domino leap? Why is it so powerful? How you can determine your own domino leap! Click here to join the waitlist for the Courageous Transformation Academy Connect with Brittany: Instagram Subscribe to my email list to keep in touch!
Published 06/29/22
In this episode I explain why starting a business can be so threatening to your ego, and how to manage the fear that comes up when you start a new business. I share strategies to work with your fear on a physical, mental, and spiritual level, and how to keep moving forward even when it's scary AF! Courageous Transformation Academy Waitlist Subscribe to my mailing list Let's connect on Instagram
Published 06/23/22
Today I share a powerful message about how I worked with fear every step of the way through my cancer experience, and what that looked like in practice. I share how my healthy relationship with fear allowed me to emerge from my cancer journey healthy and thriving.  Join the waitlist for the Courageous Transformation Academy Connect with me: Instagram Book a free 30 minute courage call with me to begin to uncover the hidden fears that are holding you back so you can courageously move...
Published 06/12/22
Ayurveda is a spiritual branch that never resonated with me. I had always seen it presented as a diet, and it seemed very restrictive. My perception of Ayurveda was turned completely on its head when I met today's guest, Kyle Jason Leitzke .  Kyle is an Ayurvedic Life Purpose Coach, and in this episode he shares about Ayurveda in a way I've never heard it discussed before. Learn how Ayurveda can help you to more deeply understand yourself energetically, AND how Ayurveda can be used to help...
Published 05/23/22
Decision making can be tricky, and even more so when we are trying to follow our intuition as much as possible. If you get confused about which way your intuition is trying to guide you don't worry, you're not alone (and this episode is for you)!  In this episode I share a simple life hack that I use EVERY day to make intuitive decisions that are aligned with my higher self. This is a simple, straightforward trick that has changed my life for the better! Connect with...
Published 05/01/22
The spiritual community loves the word discernment (for good reason) so you'll hear it used a lot. But what IS discernment, and how is it different from judgement??  In this episode I explain the difference between judgement and discernment, and why it is SO important to know that difference!  *** Click here for Quantum Flow Activation Event Information! ***   Connect with Brittany: Join my email community and access a library of FREE meditations, channeled readings, and more! Instagram
Published 04/18/22
Holistic healing has become such a buzz word in the spiritual community, and the truth is, we've got it wrong! Today I share the truth about holistic healing, and how shifting our perception of healing can literally change our lives.  Connect with Brittany: Instagram Spiritual Blog and Website Book a Channeled Reading with Brittany
Published 02/23/22
What the heck IS surrender anyway? Today I clarify what surrender actually is, why it's a POWERFUL practice, and I share HOW to surrender. I give several real-life examples to help you begin the practice of surrender today.  Book a channeled reading with Brittany: https://manifestselflove.com/check-in-with-the-universe-channeled-readings/ Connect with Brittany: Instagram Website & Blog
Published 02/09/22
Today's episode is personal and powerful. My life took a hard left turn over the last couple months, and today I share about what happened, and how my spirituality has helped me face this health crisis. I share the incredible spiritual experience I had just before my cancer diagnosis, and how it informed my perspective on this situation. I also discuss my intuition experiment and its ongoing effect on my life. Book a channeled reading with...
Published 01/22/22
In today's episode I'm revealing my personal one year intuition experiment. I began this experiment August 1st, and SO many huge shifts have occurred in my life since then including receiving an unexpected $17,000 in September!! Here I discuss the experiment itself, the shifts it has brought into my life, AND how my ego has been reacting to all this change (Spoiler: my ego has been freaking out, and I'll share how to manage that). If you're experiencing major shifts (or would like to be)...
Published 11/01/21
This week I share 7 tools that I use very regularly to calm my nervous system. A spiritual journey is a healing journey, and it can feel overwhelming at times. These powerful tools can be used right away, by anyone, when things feel intense.  Resources: Rising Higher Meditation on Youtube Insight Timer Meditation App Binaural beats track on Youtube Connect with Brittany: Instagram Website Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet FB Group  
Published 10/09/21
In this week's episode I interview Lottie of @lotties_leap. Lottie is a spiritual mentor and teacher, and today she teaches us all about channeling! What is channeling? What are the most common misconceptions about channeling? Did you know that anyone can learn to channel?!  Connect with Lottie: Instagram Lottie's Leap Website Lottie on Insight Timer Connect with Brittany: Instagram Website Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet FB Group
Published 10/01/21
In this episode I interview Andrew Rowe, a limiting belief transformer who uses a variety of modalities to help people uncover the subconscious beliefs that are creating their reality. You'll learn what a limiting belief is, the impact our subconscious beliefs have on our lives, and you'll learn how you can dramatically transform your reality by transforming your own limiting beliefs! This is a must listen for anyone interested in manifestation and personal empowerment. Connect with...
Published 09/25/21
In this week's episode I interview Laoise O Connor. Laoise is an author, a psychic and spiritual mentor, and is an experienced past life healer. In this episode Laoise explains what are past lives, how to heal past life trauma, and explains why past life healing is such a powerful practice in this life.  We also discuss Laoise's upcoming channeled book, her spiritual awakening experience, and Laoise shares an extraordinary example of healing a past life trauma.  To Connect with...
Published 09/18/21
In this short and sweet episode I discuss intention setting: what it is, how to do it, and why it is such a powerful part of any spiritual practice. Plus, I leave you with a homework assignment so you can begin incorporating intentions into your life today! Connect with me: Instagram Spiritual Website Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet FB Group
Published 09/14/21
In this followup to Episode 15 I explain how to calm your ego when it reacts to you stepping out of your comfort zone. Here I'll teach you how to work in partnership with your ego (and why that's important) through a variety of easy exercises.  Connect with me: Instagram Travel Blog Get a FREE "Meet your Animal Guides" guided meditation here!  Coming out of the Spiritual Closet FB Group
Published 08/18/21
It's so good to be back! In this episode I talk about the trick and philosophy that has allowed me to manifest a life that I absolutely love. I discuss the power of stepping out of your comfort zone- What does that really mean? Why is it so powerful? How do you practice this? If you're looking to expand then this episode is a must-listen! Connect with me: Instagram Spiritual Website My Travel Blog Get a FREE "Meet your Animal Guides" guided meditation here! Coming out of the...
Published 08/03/21
What is intuition? How do you tap into it? How can you tell the difference between your intuition and your ego?  In this episode I explain intuition, and how to begin trusting your intuition deeply.  Eckhart Tolle- "The Power of Now" Let's Connect: Instagram Coming out of the Spiritual Closet FB Group Spiritual Blog
Published 07/09/21
What are signs? How are they helpful? In this episode I answer both these questions, along with: how to receive signs from the Universe, and how to understand those signs. At the end of the episode I call in a sign for you to watch for in your life (this sign is for anyone listening)! NOTE: I will be posting episodes every two weeks instead of every week until early August, as I am heading out on a one month bicycle trip down the Pacific Coast! :) Let's Connect: Instagram Coming out...
Published 06/25/21
In this episode I explain the experience of the dark night of the soul, a challenging but common part of spiritual awakening. I also give clear, actionable advice on how to get through the dark night of the soul as smoothly as possible.  NOTE: If you are experiencing a dark night of the soul and feel you need professional assistance please contact a mental health professional. Therapy can be a HUGE help with the dark night of the soul experience. Let's Connect: Instagram Coming out...
Published 06/19/21