A little dive into 14CFR §91.119.
Published 11/18/21
What were some of my first jobs in aviation?
Published 10/21/21
We talk about this idea of Mastery. What does that really mean?
Published 09/16/21
How can we as Commercial Pilots get a better understanding of our systems?
Published 09/14/21
Jason and Magda talk about things your passengers can do to help you as a pilot during a flight.
Published 06/17/21
Join Jason as he answers some questions that will probably be part of your checkride oral exam…
Published 05/20/21
It’s not an emergency if you’re ready for it…
Published 04/22/21
As a commercial pilot we’re expected to not only perform many private pilot maneuvers at a higher level we’re also expected to perform our new commercial pilot flight maneuvers at that same standard
Published 03/18/21
In the video for YouTube I had to leave so much out to avoid the video being an hour long. Today I’m using the Commercial Pilot podcast to expand on some key facts and learning principles in the worst aviation disaster prior to September 11th.
Published 02/18/21
How can we better plan our commercial long VFR solo cross country?
Published 10/28/20
What are some easy ways to better our commercial flight maneuvers?
Published 09/30/20
I’ve always taught not to flare on landing…
Published 08/19/20
3 tips to improve your landings.
Published 07/22/20
How do you set your personal minimums when you are flying commercially?
Published 06/17/20
Did you know I almost failed my Commercial Pilot check ride?
Published 05/20/20
How can we get better at issuing Pilot Reports?
Published 04/22/20
How does a commercial airliner lose thousands of feet of altitude in just minutes?
Published 03/18/20
5 actual Commercial Pilot check ride questions
Published 04/05/19
What are some things you can do to avoid complacency in the airplane?
Published 03/01/19
What are some great techniques to help yourself study for your Commercial Pilot knowledge test?
Published 02/01/19
What are some things to consider when flying at high altitude?
Published 01/02/18
What are some ways to market yourself as a commercial pilot?
Published 12/16/17
Why do we practice certain Commercial Pilot high performance maneuvers?
Published 07/22/17
What is ADM and why is it so important as we become a commercial pilots?
Published 06/20/17