met-a-se-KOY-a glyp-to-stro-BOY-des (Dawn Redwood)
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This week we talk about a majestic tree that bucks the coniferous stereotypes, the Dawn redwood. This conquering giant took the world by storm until it went extinct… or so we thought. Following a shocking cone rating, we play another game! Completely Arbortrary is produced by Alex Crowson and Casey Clapp Production Consultant - Oliviah Franke Artwork - Jillian Barthold Music - The Mini Vandals Find additional reading at Follow our Instagram @arbortrarypod --- Support this podcast:
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Kon'nichiwa! This week we jet over to Japan to discuss a gorgeous, renowned, and cultivated-like-heck tree, the Japanese cherry (Prunus serrulata). Dive deep into cultivar(ism) with us while we talk about Shinto, picnics, and painting with nature. As always, we finish the whole shebang with a...
Published 04/15/21
The first episode of the Spring 2021 Collection: a Global Traverse.  This week we travel to the southern hemisphere to dive into what makes the monkey puzzle tree so dang interesting.  From ancient roots to endemic speciation, we chat about this relic from another time. Then we play a new game....
Published 04/08/21
It's season 2 of Completely Arbortrary! They (Alex) said we couldn't make it! This season we're globetrotting to talk about a smattering of international trees.  --- Support this podcast:
Published 04/01/21