The Life and Death of Ron Goldman | 1
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Kim and her father, Fred confront the day they found out that Ron was killed twenty-five years ago. Life has moved forward, but there is still grief and pain. In this episode, Kim starts her journey by remembering the life of her brother. Through conversations with friends and loved ones, we remember the brother, son, friend and murder victim who was lost on June 12th, 1994.  Follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @Confrontingpod
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This bonus episode is a further conversation between Kim and David Kessler, an expert in grief who contributed to Episode 10.
Published 08/28/19
In this bonus episode, Kim has a conversation about domestic violence with lawyer, author, and clinical therapist Robin Sax.
Published 08/21/19
In this bonus episode, Kim speaks with the defense team's private investigator, Patrick McKenna.
Published 08/14/19