Ezekiel 38
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 EPISODE #619 EZEKIEL 38 Richard welcomes a documentary filmmaker/writer/lecturer about a prophecy in the Old Testament Book of Ezekiel which predicts a great war that’s not been fulfilled in the ancient history of Israel. Guest: Ali Siaditan is the founder of Think Again Productions in Canada—a multimedia teaching ministry shedding light on mysteries and treasures of scriptural knowledge which is making the bible more real than ever. Siadatan has found evidence keeps agreeing with the bible’s tale, from biblical cities peering through the sand to "alien" abductions and prophetic events. In 2006, Think Again Productions released the groundbreaking documentary, UFOs Angels & Gods, on Google video it received 270 thousand views in nine months. In 1996, Siadatan completed a Masters degree in French Language and Literature at the University of Toronto. In September 1999 he answered a call and opened a center to minister to urbanites through martial and healing arts as well as spiritual studies for seekers. Siadatan has a Black Belt in Kung Fu and has been training since 1991.He is married and has two wonderful daughters. SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS!!! BetterHELP -Professional Counselling with a Licensed Therapist. You Deserve to Be Happy! Get 10% off your first month at betterhelp.com/Unlimited Smile Brilliant - www.smilebrilliant.com Professional teeth whitening & oral care products customized just for you.   Use code CONSPIRACY for an exclusive Conspiracy Unlimited discount! C60EVO -The Secret is out about this powerful anti-oxidant. The Purest C60 available is ESS60.  Buy Direct from the Source.  Buy Now and Save 10% – Use Coupon Code: EVRS at Checkout! Strange Planet Shop - If you're a fan of the radio show and the podcast, why not show it off?  Greats T-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, and more.  It's a Strange Planet - Dress For It! BECOME A PREMIUM SUBSCRIBER FOR LESS THAN $2 PER MONTH If you're a fan of this podcast, I hope you'll consider becoming a Premium Subscriber.  For just $1.99 per month, subscribers to my Conspiracy Unlimited Plus gain access to two exclusive, commercial-free episodes per month. They also gain access to my back catalog of episodes. The most recent 30 episodes of Conspiracy Unlimited will remain available for free.  Stream all episodes and Premium content on your mobile device by getting the FREE Conspiracy Unlimited APP for both IOS and Android devices... Available at the App Store and Google Play. To become a subscriber CLICK HERE or go to www.conspiracyunlimitedpodcast.com and click on Get Access to Premium Episodes
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