Bonus Sample: A Course in Monstrosities
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If you tune into your favorite Instagram wellness influencer or financial life coach, you’ll learn that money is really a state of mind—right? Thinking the right thoughts is the truest judge of character, and therefore indicative of your bottom line. This week Derek looks at research from behavioral economics, which found the perceived relationship between wealth and morality dates back to post-WWII America—and has damaged the poorest among us for generations. He weighs evidence from this field, which looks at the real societal and political causes of wealth disparity, against the metaphysical b******t that proponents of the “mindset creates wealth” uber-text, A Course in Miracles, try to sell you. Show Notes Why we shouldn’t push a positive mindset on those in poverty The Causal Effects of Place on Health and Longevity Conspirituality on Patreon -- -- -- Support us on Patreon Stay in touch with us on Twitter: @derekberes @julianmwalker @matthewremski Original music by EarthRise SoundSystem
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