122: Timeline Retox: Biohacking and Fascism and Stuff
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The book is filed. Our mental health is in check. And, as it turns out, Matthew found a new guru. We return to trio work by investigating his fellow Canadian's cure for, uh, anything, or maybe something, as well diving into two biohacking conferences and the conspiritualist's new favorite fascist on the block. Show Notes Tip of the iceberg: erectile dysfunction and COVID-19 | International Journal of Impotence Research Will in the News, TV & Internet Culture Umberto Eco Makes a List of the 14 Common Features of Fascism | Open Culture The Cruelty Is the Point  Alessio Di Giulio's Racist Selfie With Roma Woman Enrages Italy Meloni holding melons CPAC: The Whole World is Watching - Giorgia Meloni Dal rugby allo yoga, tutto lo sport di Giorgia Meloni Pierre Poilievre rubs his old wood  -- -- -- Support us on Patreon Stay in touch with us on Twitter: @derekberes @julianmwalker @matthewremski Original music by EarthRise SoundSystem
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