Demilich is the most exciting AFR card previewed so far, and there's plenty more on top of that. The guys chat about their picks for the new set, and venture into the dungeon mechanic while they are at it. Decks of the Week Oops, All Elementals MonkeyStill
Published 07/02/21
BK and LSV are back with another Prismatic episode, this time focusing on White. They cover everything from strengths to weaknesses, and tackle the age-old question of where it fits in the overall rankings. Decks of the Week Jeskai Stoneblade Naya Enchantress
Published 06/24/21
Urza's Saga is making a huge impact on both Legacy and Modern, and it's not the only MH2 card to do so. LSV and BK give you the rundown, and even touch on the recent Historic ban. Decks of the Week Jeskai Mutate Undying Combo
Published 06/10/21
LSV and BK talk all things MH2, with a look at what they think will make a big impact. Decks of the Week Jeskai Turns Sultai Ultimatum
Published 06/04/21
With Thassa's Oracle getting the axe in Historic, LSV and BK delve into what comes next, and why they think the Tainted Pact deck is far from dead. Decks of the Week Historic Jeskai Twiddle Storm
Published 05/20/21
In a special episode of Constructed Resources, LSV and BK talk about the recent Organized Play announcement, their takes on how we got here, and some thought on what may come next. Announcement
Published 05/14/21
With a huge announcement drop yesterday, BK and LSV cover their reactions, thoughts on topics such as rotation, and more! Decks of the Week Sultai Titan's Nest Modern Orzhov Hatebears
Published 05/07/21
Keeping 1-landers, killing your own stuff, and setting strange Arena stops - these are all advanced plays that are sometimes right. BK and LSV cover high strategy, and where you should diverge from conventional wisdom. Decks of the Week RG Valakut 4c Bring to Light
Published 04/30/21
Love it or hate it, Tron has been one of the pillars of Modern for the last decade. BK and LSV break down everything you need to know to understand it, play it, or beat it.
Published 04/23/21
Everything in Historic changed when the Mystical Archive attacked. LSV and BK cover what's hot and what's not on day 1 of the new Historic era.
Published 04/16/21
With the full Strixhaven card list available, LSV and BK see which cards have high marks and which get flunked (and not without disagreeing on the way).
Published 04/09/21
LSV and BK couldn't be more excited about the addition of Faithless Looting to Historic - they chat Arclight Phoenix, other Mystical Archive cards, and even review LSV's outstanding performance with Pig-Blade in the KHM Championship.
Published 03/31/21
BK grills LSV on his Kaldheim Championship decklists, and comes to the conclusion that trying to pull a fast one may not work out. The lads also cover Strixhaven previews, and even have one of their own!
Published 03/26/21
In an episode worth keeping, LSV and BK go over everything you need to know about mulligans, ending with a review of a bunch of sample hands.
Published 03/19/21
LSV and BK investigate the way of the Lava Spike this week, with a full breakdown on Burn decks. How to play 'em, how to beat 'em, and a look at the Top 10 Burn cards of all time.
Published 03/12/21
LSV and BK bust out the mailbag, and answer questions about Constructed, Organized Play, why LSV played Mono-Red, and much more!
Published 03/05/21
LSV and BK got some sweet Time Spiral Remastered preview cards from Wizards, so they discuss those (as well as breaking down what's hot and what's not in Standard right now).
Published 02/26/21
Wizards dropped the hammer on every format except Standard, and BK and LSV are ready to pick up the pieces. They weigh in on each format, with predictions as to what decks will rise and where you should look next.
Published 02/17/21
LSV and BK take a good look at Standard, and one deck in particular has caught their eye. Emergent Ultimatum is a game-changer, and they explain how it's already started to take over the format (and some potential answers to it).
Published 02/11/21
BK and LSV are on their usual BS this episode, as they talk about all the nonsense decks, from Tibalt's Trickery to Oops, All Spells! and more. If you want to learn how to play them or how to beat them, this is the episode for you.
Published 02/03/21
Kaldheim's first day at school was a big one, and LSV and BK have all the goods, from LSV's obsession with Goldspan Dragon to whether land destruction is great in Standard.
Published 01/28/21
BK and LSV try something a little different this week, as they draft their top picks from Kaldheim for Constructed impact. Will LSV force snow? Is BK going to be reasonable? Find out in this episode!
Published 01/22/21
Kaldheim previews are in full swing, so LSV and BK go deep on Giants, Snow, and more!
Published 01/14/21