An Introduction to Complexity - Conversations in Complexity
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Ross Upshur discusses how the care of patients with multiple concurrent chronic conditions and social determinants pose substantial challenges for both primary care providers and health systems and how his research lead to the creation and implementation of an inter-professional model of care to address the issue.
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In this podcast, Ross Upshur interviews Gail Elliot about dementia care and the state of dementia care and how it can measure up to expectations that will provide the kind of care which takes into account the individual’s entirety as a human, focusing on personal narrative, brain, environment,...
Published 02/18/20
Published 02/18/20
The academic research environment is changing and researchers report struggling to adapt in order to be successful. Funding shortfalls are perennial, but what systemic shifts should occur to enable researchers at all career stages to be productive and successful? A short overview: The...
Published 12/10/19