Creating a female ecosystem, with Sharmadean Reid MBE, founder of The Stack World
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This week Holly speaks with Sharmadean Reid MBE, founder of The Stack World, a revolutionary media platform that enables mission-driven women to make meaningful connections and move the needle on gender equality.   A serial entrepreneur and mother, Sharmadean is known for her impact on culture and women’s empowerment with the aim of helping women achieve a higher purpose and a stronger economic status.  In this conversation Sharmadean shares the impact her own culture and upbringing had on her view of the world, the impact raising money had on her confidence as well as how cultural relevance, the world news agenda, and her own ideas created a fertile ground from which to launch her ideas. It’s a vision of equal opportunities and a fair future for all — and one in which the community-led Stack World plays a pivotal role in pushing the boundaries for all women in the post-pandemic world. If you enjoyed this episode, head on over to hear Holly’s talk with Dame Stephanie "Steve" Shirley — Technology Pioneer, Businesswoman and Philanthropist, about the magnitude of what can be achieved when you refuse to settle.  Plus for more unfiltered insight, subscribe to Holly’s weekly newsletters on our website, where she shares small business inspiration of all kinds, exclusive nuggets of wisdom from her and her guests, plus offers, creative ideas and topical, 'ungoogleable' business advice. 
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