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What does it take to succeed in life? Drive! Kelley Earnhardt Miller - yes, daughter of racing legend Dale Earnhardt - is with me today on LOVE SOMEONE to share how that DRIVE helped her to overcome a difficult childhood, and go on to become co-owner and GM of JR Motorsports, overseeing the companies race team, management team, and business ventures for her brother, Dale Earnhardt, Jr.. She is one of the most prominent business women in NASCAR today, as well as being a wife, and involved mother of three. She's taken all the knowledge, wisdom, and insight she's gained and turned it into a book, "DRIVE" 9 Lessons to Win in Business And In Life that's available now in paperback. Join us for a very real conversation about what it was like growing up Earnhardt, and how she's turned that experience into success on and off the track! ~ Delilah Learn more about your ad-choices at
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