Cooley "Film" On Houston Win
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Cooley and Kevin today featuring Cooley's thoughts on Washington's win over Houston along with his "film breakdown" of Washington's defense, Taylor Heinicke, Logan Thomas, and the overall offensive running game. Kevin had two Thanksgiving Day "Smell Test" picks as well.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Kevin and Thom today provide a large menu of topic excellence. The buffet includes: the NFL's referee perception problem, Mahomes' greatness, Kyle Shanahan's culpability, Thom's early SB pick, the Wizards' 6-game win streak, why counting on Sam Howell is fools gold, Mow-beel or Mow-bull,...
Published 01/31/23
Cooley and Kevin today with recaps of the NFC and AFC Championship games. Ben Standig jumped on with Kevin to talk about Rex Ryan's comments on ESPN yesterday that Sean Payton and Tom Brady could end up in DC. Also Ben's and Kevin's thoughts on Washington targeting Eric Bieniemy as their possible...
Published 01/30/23
Published 01/30/23