Dig In, Dig Deep
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When life overwhelms us, it’s easy to back down. Yet, when we recognise the schemes of the enemy, it changes everything. As we look into Nehemiah’s life, let us commit to digging in and deep to fulfill God's mission amidst life’s chaos. Let’s live undistracted.
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The great business of life is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. The Bible tells us that man was created to bring Him glory. That is our purpose, our duty; and what Jesus has redeemed us for. Does that sound like your experience of the Christian life? Or have we, in all our good intentions and...
Published 06/28/22
What does the Kingdom of God look like? Jesus is inviting us to draw near and hear the incredible practicality of His Kingdom. We're to be filled with the Word and the Spirit. Hear as Dr. John Andrews teaches on how we can find application in the ordinary and routine through God's Word and Spirit. 
Published 06/22/22