CV Central - 4/3/2020 - "China and the United States - A Complicated Situation"
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Episode 45 delves deeply into China, their response, and the evolving competition with the United States.  We start by looking at Latin America coming into crisis, promising a rising death toll and infection in countries from Mexico to Chile, peeking at Ecuador here.  We see nearly 7 million Americans now out of work as backdrop.  From there, we see the CIA reporting now that the CCP fudged the numbers.  China is friendly to some with new propaganda outlets and offers of masks to Italy and the UK, but won't even allow Taiwan to get near the WHO as they buzz them with war planes.  We look at the doctrine, how China continues to spend to gain influence, what 5G allows for standards and surveillance and ask as America gets sicker and withdraws, including with two aircraft carriers, what will China do?  Whether by chance or choice, the opportunities for the dragon seem to be rising in this year of the rat. Join the Telegram chat at: https:/ @coronaviruscentralTwitter: @coronaviruscastYouTube:  Coronavirus CentralE-Mail: Guayaquil, Ecuador hit terribly with death count exceeding bureaucratic capacity: looks to be in major trouble due to poor policy start and extreme health care shortfall: 6.6 million Americans file for unemployment last week: Next virus hot-spots will be Michigan, Indiana, and Connecticut according to Dr. Birx: China threatening pharmaceutical drug exports: CIA claims CCP lied about Chinese numbers from Wuhan: Kong paper talking about US losing influence in propaganda war: Chinese strategic doctrine of "Three Warfares" applied - public opinion, legal, and psychological in service of total informatio
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