#10: Objectively Dick Measuring
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Jamie (@wee_rogue) & Simon (@analytic_fpl) get into lots of teams and go off on tangents about our models. We discuss Chelsea, Brighton, Newcastle, Liverpool, Forest, Leicester, Fulham, Manchester United, Arsenal & Leeds. As well as Tuchel & Potter. We also talk about FPL on our FPL podcast (!), why Jamie shouldn't have played, the Salah/Haaland debacle and how to evaluate your FPL play. Enjoy!
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The Corridor of Uncertainty lads join Sertalp as guests on his pod FPL Optimized. We get into all sorts: why we did the podcast, whether to play the game, and some nerdy stuff about solvers. Enjoy.
Published 07/23/22
@analytic_fpl and @wee_rogue are back with episode 9, and we're joined by the wonderful @FPL_Chase! We chat about all sorts, and pick the brains of one of the best managers around. We also talk about the Hivemind team, and a little on chip strategy, which uh we recorded before the big DGW26 was...
Published 02/08/22