Taking pictures at a disaster site, JoJo Recall & roasting family members
Published 06/18/19
Rocketman Redemption, Bruce touches Bobby Lee & Carly splurges 
Published 06/11/19
Bruce's night from hell, worst people to see a movie with & COI member of the week
Published 06/04/19
Carly's new Tesla, Energy Drink Pyramid Scheme, The Washing Machine Fiasco
Published 05/28/19
Bruce touring with Austin Jones, Stealing 11 Million Dollars, Boobs vs Butts debate
Published 05/21/19
James Charles, Getting hit in the balls, Carly spies on cheating co-worker
Published 05/14/19
Mummy Clown, Bruce's twitter blocking spree & Fear of bed sheets 
Published 05/07/19
Carly flies a plane, weird phobias & musket handshakes
Published 04/30/19
Tesla Illuminati, Easter Brunch poisoned, Meat curtains
Published 04/23/19
Wiping standing up, a fan wants to date Carly, sleep twerking
Published 04/16/19
The pegging place, Carly fell like an old lady & talking about losing virginity
Published 04/09/19
Carly Call of Booty, Hiking with Rattlesnakes & Bruce's Bruises
Published 04/02/19
The vlog squad doesn't exist, Petting a werewolf & debating Disney magic
Published 03/25/19
Jeffree Star corpse makeover, Calvin & Harris, Philadelphia creeps on craigslist 
Published 03/18/19
Bruce has his man period, Carly has a rude doctor & someone gets their motorcycle stolen from a craigslist meet up
Published 03/11/19
Bruce's pants malfunction, why people hate Imagine Dragons & Carly breaks down to a fan
Published 03/04/19
Making weird promises with God, passing out in a classroom & dealing with anxiety 
Published 02/25/19
Spending Valentine's Day apart, Chris Delia gives the grand slam approval to Carly & we respond to the COI Pond's assumptions 
Published 02/18/19
Carly collabs with James Charles, peeing at Howie Mandels & Bruce gets defeated by fuzz
Published 02/12/19
Meeting Beyonce and Jay Z, Seeing Spirits & Sexting Her Manager
Published 02/04/19
More weird craigslist stuff, Bruce is falling apart and what makes rain
Published 01/28/19
Carly spills scalding hot coffee, Mystery Rehab Girl and a Size 12 shoe
Published 01/21/19
Girl asks for strangers to fund her boob job, Carly ice skates to relieve stress & Bruce has a serial killer analysis for everything ever
Published 01/14/19
Colon Crusher, pretending to be on Degrassi, The Band: Cheese
Published 01/07/19
Debating if school is important, our first guests, surviving without wifi and recapping 2018
Published 12/31/18