My Client and Me part 2: Growing Holly Rankin’s music career
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Meet singer-songwriter and entrepreneur Holly Rankin, who tells you how she works with her accountant to grow her businesses and career. Listen now.
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Our most popular tax time 2021 episode, listen in to discover the methods, issues and common mistakes with work-related expenses this tax season. You’ll also find tips on how to manage conversations with clients. Comes with a new introduction from our host Elinor Kasapidis, Senior Manager Tax...
Published 07/30/21
We are re-releasing this popular episode where Mark Broadhead and Rich Hirst discuss ways to thrive during uncertainty. They offer practical tips and advice on how to develop these skills, such as taking responsibility, looking for the gift in every situation, and focusing your energy in the...
Published 07/23/21
The LET function enables you to use variables within your Excel formulas. This means you can avoid using helper cells and create standalone formulas to solve real-world problems. Currently, it is only available in the subscription version of Excel.
Published 07/21/21