Episode 36: Tarzan
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Welcome to 2022 here at Cracking the Vault! This month, we start our year devoted to celebrating the Disney contributions of one of the world's most successful musicians, Phil Collins! Kick off Phil Collins month back where it all began, where the former Genesis Drummer and Lead Singer went HARD for us on a soundtrack that would win him his first (and so far, only) Academy Award! We get into the casting, how the film deliberately shifts away from the other Renaissance Era films, and much more! Find Cracking the Vault on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram @CrackingtheVault_Podcast, and give us a follow and a review to leave your thoughts on Apple Podcasts! HUGE shout out to the multi-talented composer Tyler Griffin for the FANTASMIC opening jingle. Find out more about his musical genius at TylerAGriffin.com
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