Episode 14: Mary Poppins
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"Practically Perfect in Every Way" is not only a signature catchphrase of an iconic Disney character, but it also sums up the topic of today's episode. We kick of #MaryPoppinsMarch with Walt Disney's crowning achievement from 1964 starring Dame Julie Andrews. Listen as we review the classic PL Travers story, briefly touch on the battle of wills between Travers and Disney (with more to come in our next episode) and the friendly rivalry that took place between Mary Poppins and another beloved movie musical produced at the same time! Find Cracking the Vault on Facebook, Instagram @CrackingtheVault_Podcast, and give us a follow and a review to leave your thoughts on Apple Podcasts! HUGE shout out to the multi-talented composer Tyler Griffin for the FANTASMIC opening jingle. Find out more about his musical genius at TylerAGriffin.com
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