Introducing: The Jess Rowe Big Talk Show
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Are you looking for conversations that skip the small talk?  I want to introduce you to The Jess Rowe Big Talk Show podcast where Jess skips the small talk and shows you a different side of her famous guests What makes it so special is that Jess gives each guest the space to reveal their story and experience of being human in these honest and sometimes emotional conversations. You'll get a new window into the souls of everyone from Keith Urban to Courtney Act, David Wenham to Danni Minogue, and Sophie Monk to Jessica Mauboy and many more. Search 'The Jess Rowe Big Talk Show', or download the LiSTNR app and listen here for free See for privacy information.
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Have you noticed that you sometimes use self-kindness as a way of letting yourself get away with bad habits? It's tough to strike a balance between being kind and self-compassionate while also keep yourself accountable and achieving your goals. In this episode, I respond to a listener who is...
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In this episode, Cass is joined by Candin Phillips, licensed therapist and ADHD coach who runs "Humanity Hive," a community that aims to educate people about ADHD. Candin was achieving and performing in the world, but like many women, she did not realise she was dealing with this particular...
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