Will and Arden talk dinosaurs, Nintendo and debate the wonders of a mid-pandemic Disney World visit.
Published 07/30/20
It's finally here people!! A new episode of COMC highlighting some very cool folks from the BIPOC community that YOU should know immediately! I'm talking art vigilantes, genius innovators, and starters of revolutions!!
Published 07/09/20
'This week we give an update on the mysterious and ever evolving tale of Fenn’s Treasure.
Published 06/16/20
On this week's episode of COMC, we discuss the parallel universe versions of ourselves that probably exist (spoiler alert they are NOT good people), we discuss why the hell there are sooo many bots on Twitter right now, and Will deep dives on the internet to find the best metal detector an amateur treasure hunter could hope for! 
Published 05/29/20
In this episode, Arden and Will eat the rich, trap their neighbors like in an acme cartoon, and learn what qualifies as “adventurous” in America! 
Published 05/19/20
This week we decided to park the komodo and let you guys in on some interesting tid bits, like why everyone is freaking out about MURDER HORNETS and a five year old that decided to take a joy ride on the highway... We also give you some haircutting advice from two people who know next to nothing about cutting hair! 
Published 05/08/20
Today on COMC, we admit to planning an all out assault of our social distance flouting neighbors by nerf gun, there's a penguin and orangutang play date at the San Diego Zoo, and we talk about how Tony Hawk and James Charles will band together to broker intergalactic peace. 
Published 05/02/20
Published 04/24/20
Published 04/24/20
Will & Arden chat crazy technology, a murder in the happiest place on earth and an update to one of the worlds most coveted treasures! This week and more on Crash On My Couch.
Published 04/16/20
Will and Arden discuss an intrepid art detective on the case of a missing Van Gogh, why we haven't spotted aliens on earth just yet, and Albert Einsteins most famous but forgotten quote, "Gods greatest gift to mankind is the modern toilet."
Published 04/10/20
Jared Leto did WHAT?! The Nintendo Conspiracy and the Coronavirus moron. This week and more on Crash On My Couch!
Published 04/01/20
Will and Arden talk fitness. Virtual fitness! Did you know that staring at a treadmill screen has benefits? Nor did we! Also where h*ll does your cat go when it goes wandering about outside? Let's find out!
Published 03/25/20
Times are crazy! You all know what we're talking about. We gotta stay indoors and stay safe! Today Will and Arden share some fun ideas to enjoy being inside!
Published 03/18/20
Will and Arden talk animals from Coronavirus origins to cute fuzzy animal contests and more! Tune in for some fun!
Published 03/11/20
Who knew a human being could produce their own alcohol? You'll have to listen to believe it!
Published 03/03/20
Arden and Will discover many things in this episode. How much a Komodo dragon weighs, what Wills favorite Simpsons movie is, and a f**k ton of stuff in Egypt. Find out the fun details in the episode! You're in for a treat!
Published 02/25/20
Published 02/18/20
After short lived stints as boat captains and cabaret ensemble members, Will and Arden have come to the conclusion that podcasting really IS their true calling. They're back baby, and better than ever.
Published 02/18/20
Cult updates, a weekly genius and tangents galore! Arden and Will applaud the 12 year-old who managed to steal his parents' credit card and take his own adventure to Bali. Arden also shares a little "What's in My Bag - Runaway Rucksack Edition." Then they introduce you to Alipay, the Chinese rating system that put you in the digital underclass, make you dump your friends, and potentially ruin or upgrade your life. Lastly, they update you on charges against Smallville actress Allison Mack for...
Published 04/25/18
You sent us some smelly and sketchy articles this week! Arden and Will first discuss the idiot who accidentally summoned seagulls into his hotel room with a suitcase of pepperoni (and the story only gets worse...) Then, they marvel at Japan's "mourn-and-go" drive-through funeral service. You know, for when you need to make a quick pit stop and pay respects to your dearly deceased. Finally, they share the news about Nxivm, the creepy cult that is marketed as a badass feminist bootcamp - but is...
Published 04/10/18
How do you prove you're alive? Is the Malaysia Flight 370 still out there? Arden and Will give you the scoop on a man who found out that he's dead. Then they try to decipher if aliens sent a mysterious coded message that could lead to the missing Malaysia Flight 370. Finally, they get real intimate with human anatomy and introduce you to the interstitium, a new organ that might lead to a solution for cancer. Keep those articles a-comin'! Tweet them to @comcpodcast if you want that super cool...
Published 03/29/18
Can the sky bring us gold? Would you rely on self-driving cars? Arden and Will feature more ideas from our wonderful Toaster Trial competitors, including the dangers of self-autonomous cars, the time it rained gold, and a friendship between a queen bumblebee and her rescuer that are totes #goals. Tweet the sweet articles you find to @comcpodcast and you could win a free toaster!
Published 03/23/18
Government time travel experiments, Russian dopers, and the fatal Fenn Treasure - Arden and Will enter some dark territory this week...First they share the idiot Olympic "I don't do doping" Russian athlete who, of course, got caught doping. Then they discuss another death in the search for Fenn's Treasure, and whether Mr. Forrest Fenn is just trolling us all. Lastly, they unravel the conspiracy behind the US government's secret Montauk Project, where people were sent into time travel and...
Published 03/13/18