Creating Change - Episode 4: Hodan Noor - The Importance of Knowing Ourselves Before Change Can Happen
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In this episode, Hodan Noor, coach and change maker, talks honestly about her own personal journey through change and how this has shaped her approach to change in general. A key theme is about how important it is to really know ourselves before change can happen. To understand our stuff and how that impacts on the people around us and how vitally important managers can be to the success of their people, and therefore, change.  Our chat also highlights the importance of people having time to develop through coaching, learning and development and even more simply, time to reflect and answer key questions.  The honesty and humility in this episode is exquisite. I can't wait to hear what you think.    You can find out more about Hodan on Twitter @HodanNoor2 or find her on LinkedIn.   
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