Aysha Tengiz on making money as a freelance illustrator and why it's ok to explore your style
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It was the picture books from her childhood that inspired our next guest to become a freelance artist. The illustrated stories sparked a passion for drawing for Aysha Tengiz but were also what kept her sane growing up in Turkey, where her family had moved to be closer to her father’s. Now based in London, Aysha specialises in illustration, animation and textile design. Her work is playful, colourful, and often of everyday scenes full of charming characters like Fil, a lonely elephant who was also the star of her first picture book. A graduate of Camberwell College of Arts, Aysha has worked in Illustration since breaking into the industry five years ago. Today she is represented by Closer & Closer in North America, and her clients include The New York Times, Facebook, and Stella McCartney. It’s been a whirlwind of success. One she partly puts down to being part of a thriving London community. In this episode, we talk about freelancing as an illustrator and why it can often be hard to find your place in the world and settle on a style that suits you and your personality. We talk a lot about money – a subject that we feel just isn’t covered enough. And we understand more about what it takes to survive in an increasingly competitive field. Season Four of The Creative Boom Podcast is kindly sponsored by Astropad Studio.
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