Ep 101: The Big Social Media Change Artists Need To Know About
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Ever post some of your best work on social media only to be met with crickets, all while a random picture of your shoes gets more likes than anything you've posted in months? It's not a coincidence. In this episode, I talk about some big changes to the social media algorithms, why it's leaving artists more frustrated than ever and what we can do in response.  Join the Creative Chaos community at https://bit.ly/2BXWZty Become a Patron: https://bit.ly/2D3FUio
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Narrow down your niche, they say. Be specific, they say. Well what if we don't want to be? If you have a million different passions, a million different mediums you love working in, different causes you care about, worry not: this is the episode for you. We're talking all about building an...
Published 04/05/21
I'm back! And welcome to a new series I'm calling "Mindset Rehab" where we examine a damaging mindset within the creative community and talk about ways to dismantle it. This week, let's discuss what exactly is so wrong about "Fake It Till You Make It."  Join the Creative Chaos community...
Published 03/29/21
The more we can automate in our business the better, right? Well...sometimes. In this episode I break down a few ways to automate your business tasks while also sharing a few mistakes I've made along the way.  Join the Creative Chaos community at https://bit.ly/2BXWZty Become a Patron:...
Published 10/20/20