The Story is Never Finished | 5
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A heartbreaking anniversary highlights a decade of missed opportunities, a killer tries to fight his conviction – again, and a disgraced doctor faces new charges. On this special year-end episode senior crime reporter Nancy Hixt brings you  several updates on cases we’ve shared. This is the 2021 edition of “the story is never finished.” Contact: Twitter: @nancyhixt Facebook: Email: [email protected] See for privacy information.
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Published 06/14/22
On the season finale of Crime Beat, Global News senior crime reporter Nancy Hixt answers your questions. Join her as she gives you behind-the-scenes insight on the podcast, journalism, and the stories she shares on this special episode, “Inside Crime...
Published 06/14/22
On a beautiful September night in 2008, a young couple went out for dinner in downtown Calgary. They walked through a park on their way home and sat down on a bench to soak in the warm, late summer air. Around them, the trees were changing colours . Never once did it cross their mind that it...
Published 05/17/22