Meika Jordan, The Broken Princess | 1
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On this episode of Crime Beat, crime reporter Nancy Hixt takes you through the case--step by step. Follow along as she reveals the shocking behind the scenes details of the Meika Jordan case --and goes through the evidence as it was uncovered by investigators in their quest for justice for Meika. Meika Jordan was a bright, cheery and playful six year old. When she was rushed to hospital with serious life threatening injuries, her father and step-mother told police she had fallen down the stairs. But the injuries didn’t match that explanation. Meika later died in hospital. That was the beginning of a lengthy investigation into her death--lead by the Calgary Police Homicide Unit. The little girl was from a split family--she spent half of her time with her biological dad Spencer Jordan and her step-mother Marie Magoon. She spent the other half of her time with her biological mother Kyla Woodhouse, and her step-father Brian Woodhouse. Early on, it became clear to detectives there were two people with the sole opportunity to kill Meika. But why would anyone kill such a beautiful and innocent little girl? If you enjoy Crime Beat, please take a minute to rate it on Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts, tell us what you think and share the show with your friends. Contact: Twitter: @nancyhixt Facebook: Email: Resources: If you suspect a child is in immediate danger please call 911. For more information or if you're looking for support:  
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