The Day Ryan Lane Vanished | 8
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Nancy Hixt tells the story of a young Calgary father who vanished without a trace. For several years, Ryan Lane had been involved in a battle to see his daughter. After a breakup with the child’s mother, it became more and more difficult for Lane to see the little girl. Then, in February 2012, he was granted a court-ordered visit and reunited with his four-year-old daughter for the first time in two years. The daddy and daughter spent time eating, playing and laughing together at Chuck E. Cheese. It was one of the happiest days of Lane’s life. That night, Lane Skyped with one of his closest friends and shared videos of the playdate. Just before midnight, that chat was interrupted when Lane got a call from a phone booth. He rushed out to meet the caller at a nearby strip mall. That was the last time Lane was ever seen. Calgary police detectives used every possible investigative strategy to try and find Lane. Find out what happened to Lane, and the senseless tragedy his family has had to deal with in episode eight of “Crime Beat.”
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