The Daybell Doomsday Cult Murders: Brotherly Love? (Part 2)
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JJ Vallow didn’t have the best start in life. Both of his parents struggled with drug addiction, and so when he was born premature in May of 2012, JJ was also addicted to drugs and it took months for doctors to safely wean him off the substances that had been coursing through his little body. But shortly before his first birthday, JJ was adopted by his uncle, Charles Vallow, and Charles’ pretty young wife, Lori Vallow, who had two children of her own, a son named Colby and a daughter named Tylee. Tylee and JJ hit it off immediately, and Tylee became a best friend and mini mother to her younger half brother. It seemed like JJ and Tylee were a part of one big happy family, so when they both vanished in September of 2019, and their normally attentive and loving mother Lori didn’t seem overly concerned about the fact that two of her children were missing, people started asking questions. But no one could have prepared for the answers we would get. Try our coffee!! - Become a Patreon member -- > Shop for your Crime Weekly gear here --> Youtube: Website: Instagram: @CrimeWeeklyPod Twitter: @CrimeWeeklyPod Facebook: @CrimeWeeklyPod ADS: 1. IQ BAR Now get 20% off all IQBAR products, plus get FREE shipping. Just text WEEKLY to 6400. Message and data rates may apply. See terms for details. 2. Babbel Right now, get up to 55% off your subscription when you go to 3. Magellen TV Claim your SPECIAL OFFER for MagellanTV here: Start your free trial TODAY so you can watch THE KILLER NURSE WITH TREVOR MCDONALD, and all of MagellanTV’s other exclusive true crime content: 4. ALO Moves For a limited time, Alo Moves is offering our listeners a free 30-day trial PLUS 50% off an annual membership. But you can only get it by going to and use code CRIMEWEEKLY in all caps.
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