Episode 376: El Chapo's glamourous wife Emma Coronel and her new life after prison
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She is the glamorous wife of caged Sinaloa Cartel boss Joachim El Chapo Guzman and the mother of their two kids and she has just been freed from jail to start her new life without him. Emma Coronel Aispuro sat loyally by his side as her husband was jailed in the US and condemned to a supermax prison for the rest of his life for a litany of violent drug crime and trafficking and a horrendous murder count. So what will the 31 year old do now she is all alone in Los Angeles after serving two years for helping El Chapo distribute billions of dollars worth of drugs in America? Should she have served a longer sentence or was she just a headline for US authorities in their war on drugs? Nicola speaks to journalist and author Douglas Century whose best selling book Hunting El Chapo traces the life of the most famous narco in the world. He tells me about the former beauty queen and how she will now have to cash in on her famous name if she wants the luxury lifestyle she once had.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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