A message from your Cryptic Hosts before summer vacation
Published 07/07/21
This week the long anticipated UAP Task Force report has finally dropped to great mixed reactions. From heralded disclosure to disappointment; we third to a third possibility by examining the To the Stars Academy’s suspicious connection to the rapid acknowledgment of UFO’s by the US government and ask if if we can foretell what may come next by closely watching the enigmatic Luis Elizondo.
Published 06/30/21
Elizabeth Holmes started Theranos in 2003 and dropped out of Stanford University to revolutionize the medical industry with a better way to analyze blood, with a secret new technology. Over the decade that followed, Theranos came to be valued at 9 billion dollars. The only problem, the tech didn't work.
Published 06/23/21
The Illuminati is said to have gone extinct in the 1700s but many researchers and historians believe that it actually went underground, infiltrating free masonry, financial institutions, and world governments. This week we explore the Illuminati’s “greatest hits;” from mass murder in the French Revolution, the assassination of Presidents, and the sinking of the Titanic.
Published 06/16/21
Extremely Low Frequency ( ELF ) Waves were first recognized by Allan H. Fray in 1960 and after development could be used to insert sound directly into the brain without audible sound as it directly vibrates brain cells through microwave radiation. Sounds crazy until the here about all the government patented devices and firsthand accounts of targeted individuals.    
Published 06/09/21
This week we explore both the official story of Hitler’s suicide at the end of WWII as well as evidence that this story might be Soviet Propaganda and that Hitler and members of the SS escaped to South America.
Published 06/02/21
Boris Kipriyanovich, born in 1996 was not a normal child. By the age of 2 he was well spoken and already reading. Then things got stranger when he started describing the universe in great detail without being taught. His claim, he is a reincarnated Martian here to save us from nuclear disaster. It sounds far fetched... until you hear the details that he disclosed.
Published 05/26/21
This week we start by discussing the latest UFO footage released by the Military, including triangle craft and trans-medium (air-to-water) vehicles. We then move into the mysterious “Havana Syndrome” and possible directed energy weapons attacks on dozens of US spies and diplomats. Finally, we explore the Human Mutilation factor of alien abduction and the story of Zigmund Adamski’s disappearance and murder at the hands of unknown entities.
Published 05/19/21
Most conspiracies share at least one thing in common, there's one explanation countered by many theories. Global warming is special because both sides create conspiracy theories to discredit the other. With experts on both sides perpetuating theories it is almost impossible for the average person to decipher the truth. This week we dig into some of the main theories and discuss a research article digging into why this unique circumstance is happening over a crucial topic that affects every...
Published 05/12/21
This week we explore Jacques Vallee's "Passport to Magonia" and, in particular, medieval tales of alien encounters. From the winged serpent god of Mezo-America, to ancient Japanese military sightings and history's first UFO investigations. Going deeper, we investigate the 1600's faerie/elf-land research of the Rev. Robert Kirk and explain the bizarre connection between alien abduction/hybrid programs and the faerie folk-lore of medieval Europe. 
Published 05/05/21
This week on the show we head back to the American Southwest to take a look at mythology of the Native America Hopi Indian Tribe. Stories that share striking share striking similarities to events and being described by other ancient cultures such as the Egyptian and Babylonians. Are the Ant People, Annunaki, and Nephilim all actually references to the same beings? Reference to Episode 7 - Mummies of the Grand Canyon
Published 04/28/21
This week, we dive back into Dr. Karla Turner's 1992 classic "Into the Fringe: A True STory of Alien Abduction;" continuing the saga of her husband's life-long history of abductions and how these terrifying entities began to invade the lives of his family and their friends. Stories of abductions, mind-control, bizzare and oddly spiritual medical procedures.
Published 04/21/21
In 1959 a group of college students set off into the Ural Mountains of the then Soviet Union. A few days in tragedy struck and the group was killed. After an investigation the case was sealed and family and friends were left with an unsatisfying explanation. After the collapse of the Soviet Union documents became declassified and theories began to abound about what actually happened to the Dyatlov expedition party.
Published 04/14/21
Karla Turner's husband came home with hours of lost time and a strange scar on his leg; following months of inexplicable headaches and anxiety following the incident, the couple decided to try hypnosis out of desperation. What they uncovered are truly some of the most surreal and terrifying alien abduction and out of body stories we have encountered to date. Journey with us as we dive inside the world of the late and great Dr. Karla Turner in her first book exploring the world of the...
Published 04/07/21
Document after document of declassified reports from multiple government agencies point to extraterrestrial life not only in our solar system, but as near as our own moon. One of the strangest, a report of a US moon base that was destroyed January 24th, 1979 by an unknown aggressor (UR), was discovered and disclosed by WikiLeaks. With countless experts including high ranking military and former astronauts all pointing to various operations on the moon, why aren't we more aware?
Published 03/31/21
This week, Cryptic Accounts delves into the mysterious Shroud of Turin, an ancient relic that many believe to have supernatural or unexplainable properties. We explore nearly 100 years of scientific studies, thousands of years of legends and other anomalies related to this ancient and possibly holy relic; asking "Is this the world's first photograph, or could this be the burial cloth of Jesus Christ?"
Published 03/24/21
A NASA whistleblower Ken Johnston after two decades of secrecy revealed photos from his time with the Apollo program to well known controversial theorist Richard Hoagland. These photos would add to allegations that NASA covers up things they see in space and on our moon.
Published 03/17/21
This week, the completion of the 3 part series on Zacharia Sitchen’s "Genesis Revisited". What happened after Enki and his Annunaki/Nephilim pals created their slave race (humanity), and are we due for another encounter from our ancient alien overlords?
Published 03/10/21
In 1983, US Army Commander Wayne McDonnell was given the "simple" task of researching the possible use of soundwaves to aid in remote viewing military intelligence projects; but what he delivered was a whole lot more. What is consciousness, time, space, the nature of reality, the ultimate questions of death and the afterlife? Join us as we delve into the declassified report that's making waves on social media 38 years later - and find out just what revelations McDonnell believes he uncovered.
Published 03/05/21
Guglielmo Marconi's radio system helped rescue survivors of the Titanic, headed secret Italian Space and UFO research programs, and invented an energy device for Mussolini which the Pope did not approve of. Did he really die of a heart attack in 1937, or did he escape to South America with cutting edge technology in free energy and antigravity? 
Published 03/03/21
We continue our exploration of author and ancient-alien researcher Zacharia Sitchen's research into the Biblical book of Genesis. Who are the Annunaki, our ancient alien slave masters? How did they come to create man-kind as we know it today, and how is this knowledge hidden in the book of Genesis that we all know? But most importantly, why do they keep marrying their sisters? All this and more on this week's Cryptic Accounts.
Published 02/24/21
It's another hodgepodge of stories on this bonus episode. First up, a strange inverted bell shaped UAP spotted from the cockpit of a F/A-18 in 2018, then a NASA aeronautics expert claims there are HUGE UFO's orbiting Saturn, and finally a plasma physicist, also from NASA says there's portals opening and closing all over the place!
Published 02/19/21
A recent massacre in Ethiopia is believed to be related to the Ark of the Covenant, a Biblical object with strange powers that has been duplicated by different societies. As well as a similar object only made known in recent years, the Ark of Gabriel, a heavenly weapon that the archangel Gabriel instructed care to Muhammed which may have been the cause of two massacres at Mecca in 2015 when attempts were made to remove it from its' resting place there.
Published 02/17/21
Mini-Fusion Reactors, Warp-Drive, Force-Fields, Space-Time Weapons, Man-Made Flying Saucers and more. For the past five-years, the US Navy has been filing patents for technologies that are so unbelievable they've had to battle the US Patent Office to even accept their applications. Stranger still, all of these sci-fi creations are supposedly the work of one mysterious scientist: Dr. Salvatore Pais. This week we dive into the dark world of the Navy's UFO Patents and their inventor.
Published 02/10/21
Many have searched for Atlantis. Almost every major culture spoke of it in different ways. It seems there may be something to this tale of a sunken continent. Starting with Plato many have spoken on and pondered the existence of Atlantis.
Published 02/03/21