Selling Pokemon Cards! How You Can Make Money Flipping and Investing in Cards.
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Break out your old cards because the Pokemon market is on fire right now and there's a ton of money to be made. In this episode we will discuss how you can make money flipping and investing in Pokemon cards. We get into how the market has performed over the last few years, what's driving the prices to all time highs, where we think the market is heading, and how you can get involved. We split the episode up into two segments. One focuses on investing and the other focuses on flipping. When investing, you need to have an understanding of the market as a whole, think long term, understand BGS & PSA grading systems, and learn how to value each card from a set individually. When flipping, you want to take advantage of a market that's moving quickly and also focus on newer product. Securing product that others can't get their hands on is a surefire way to turn a quick profit.    If you enjoyed the episode and want to dive even deeper we have a twitter and discord set up to take you to the next level. Follow @pokeflipio on twitter for updates on how to secure your spot and start making money today.   PokeFlip Twitter:
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