S1E5: The Body
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Max and Mazey are still trying to figure out things in Communications, since the Captain urgently wants to talk to HQ. Meanwhile, Carter and company head to the jungle but have an abrupt stop in the plains when they find a body. Music: "Ganymede" by Yehezkel-Raz @ Artlist.io "Visible" by Shahead Mostafafar @ Artlist.io "First Flight" by Denys Horokhovskiy @ Artlist.io
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Stooge's first day at the tower is not a good day. He's not prepared and it seems no one really cares to help him, save for Yara. Meanwhile, Max looks into the blip, while also fighting with Mazey. And Rich and Ferris get high and find a new pet. Music: "Discovery" by Kevin Graham @...
Published 10/27/22
Published 05/26/22
Sarko, Roman, and the rest of the build team are heading back to Crystal Blue after another week of work. When they arrive back at the base they find the Crawler gone and the bay door jammed. Sarko has a few words for the mechanics and the Captain, but Hiltz is having none of it. Later, Sarko...
Published 04/11/22