Know why your brain sucks in this 21st century-1.|introvert kathalu|♡
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Hey all, welcome to our first podcast. this is your brother from introvert kathalu. I shared my perception on how our brain had evolved into this chaotic chunk. Where you get flabbergasted instead of becoming excited( you will feel the difference). But for now listen to this podcast
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Language isn't a requirement , its a convention to express what truly what we are.  Learning a language like English is quite intimidating because  of the structure of the language.   This is a podcast like never before. Its more about why we learn and how often we use ,its origin and history...
Published 03/16/22
Hey every one , just came up with some bad dad jokes , just kidding. We are gonna time pass. If you are possessive . Then listen to this.
Published 08/29/21
Published 08/29/21