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Let the games begin Episode description In this bonus episode, Andrew shares some stories from the monster of a week he had last week. Plus in the vocabulary lesson, he teaches you a useful English expression: on point.   Support Culips and take your English to the next level by becoming a Culips Member. To sign up, visit Culips.com.
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Talking with strangers Episode description In this week’s bonus episode, Andrew talks about an interesting conversation he had while riding the bus in Canada. He also gives you some exciting updates about some projects were working on at Culips. Along the way, he teaches you the vocabulary: a...
Published 03/19/23
Have you ever considered living in a micro apartment or tiny home? In this episode, Andrew and Anna discuss the rising trend of micro apartments in the real estate and housing industry. They explore why tiny living is becoming more popular and share their opinions on the matter. Chatterbox is a...
Published 03/17/23
Published 03/17/23