Catch Word #245 – Heart-to-heart
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In today’s Catch Word episode, Andrew and Kassy introduce two really useful phrases for talking about emotions and feelings. Sharing the thoughts buried deep in your heart isn’t an easy thing to do, especially in a foreign language. By listening to this episode, you can make those difficult emotional conversations feel a little less stressful. Our Catch Word series is perfect for intermediate learners looking to boost their English listening fluency to the next level. Tune in to learn two common idiomatic expressions about feelings and emotions, to have a heart-to-heart and to get [something] off [one’s] chest. Fun facts Did you know a woman’s heart typically beats faster than a man’s? An adult woman has an average heartbeat of 78 beats per minute, while men hover around 70 beats per minute. Newborns have an even faster heartbeat than adults averaging somewhere between 70 and 190 beats per minute. Expressions included in the study guide * To have a heart-to-heart * Cut the crap * To iron [something] out * To make up * To shift gears * To get [something] off [one’s] chest Copyright: For more information about this episode, visit Music Credit: Something Elated by Broke For Free, Step On by Jahzzar Photo Credit: Maria Bobrova & Sung Jin Cho (Unsplash)
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