How to Manage Your Work-from-Home Paranoia
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Learn 4 tips for managing WFH paranoia; flat-pack pasta; and how eye contact is affected by the shape of a dog’s face. 4 tips for managing your WFH paranoia by Kelsey Donk Managing Your WFH Paranoia. (2021, April 28). Harvard Business Review.  Is Remote Work Making Us Paranoid? (2021). The New York Times.  Jacobs, E. (2020, June 18). Paranoia creeps into homeworking. @FinancialTimes; Financial Times.  Scientists have created flat-pack pasta that curls into shape in water by Steffie Drucker Executive Summary: Environmental Footprint Literature Review — Food Transportation. (2016). State of Oregon Department of Environmental Quality.  Tao, Y., Lee, Y.-C., Liu, H., Zhang, X., Cui, J., Mondoa, C., Babaei, M., Santillan, J., Wang, G., Luo, D., Liu, D., Yang, H., Do, Y., Sun, L., Wang, W., Zhang, T., & Yao, L. (2021). Morphing pasta and beyond. Science Advances, 7(19), eabf4098.  CMU lab leads development of pasta that morphs into shape when cooked. (2021). EurekAlert!  Gael Fashingbauer Cooper. (2021, May 6). This strange, flat pasta transforms into 3D shapes as you cook. CNET; CNET.  Flat Pasta That Turns Into 3-D Shapes — Just Add Boiling Water. (2021). The New York Times.  Video:  Your dog’s face shape determines how easily it makes eye contact with you by Cameron Duke Bognár, Z., Iotchev, I. B., & Kubinyi, E. (2018). Sex, skull length, breed, and age predict how dogs look at faces of humans and conspecifics. Animal Cognition, 21(4), 447–456.  Bognár, Z., Szabó, D., Deés, A., & Kubinyi, E. (2021). Shorter headed dogs, visually cooperative breeds, younger and playful dogs form eye contact faster with an unfamiliar human. Scientific Reports, 11(1).  Eötvös Loránd University. (2021, April 29). Researchers determine which dogs more often establish eye contact with humans.;  Gácsi, M., McGreevy, P., Kara, E., & Miklósi, Á. (2009). Effects of selection for cooperation and attention in dogs. Behavioral and Brain Functions, 5(1), 31.  Follow Curiosity Daily on your favorite podcast app to learn something new every day withCody Gough andAshley Hamer — for free!  See for privacy information.
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