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let's unpack my mind once again on the podcast, shall we? Bianca talks about failing her driver's test, good financial advice she's received from her business mentor and her viewpoint on social media. Spoiler alert: I wasn’t able to find the specific episode of the Happy and Healthy podcast episode I referred to, but here’s a link to listen! Listen now: LET’S BE FRIENDS: instagram: podcast instagram: twitter: tiktok: podcast tiktok: --- Send in a voice message:
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this morning, i took to my instagram story (@realbiancasofia) the topic of true friendship, and how to know if you have that. Bianca tackles the wrestling match of finding true friendship in this bonus episode. happy holidays!  --- Send in a voice message:
Published 11/28/22
like the internet, the past is permanent. Bianca dives into overcoming shame, moving on from the past and looking forward to all things new.  LET’S BE FRIENDS: my instagram: RLG Instagram: my facebook:...
Published 11/21/22